1. Photography day. 📷


  2. It’s beautiful out so we’re having a weekend sale. Enter FLASH20 during checkout for 20% off your entire order.


  3. 🌿🐘


  4. Nice day to repot some plants. (at Homestead Seattle)


  5. We’ve got some great lights in the shop.



  7. Perfect spot for a Sunday nap.


  8. Another shot from our most recent blog post. 


  9. The newest ‘Welcome to Homestead' is up on the blog.


  10. We’re working on a new showroom tour.



  12. It’s finally time to let this chesterfield go to a new home. 


  13. A shot of our loft from Kristen Marie Parker.


  14. Magnolia


  15. Our storefront is about to get an upgrade.